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Are you an artist?

Whether you're a singer, songwriter, musician or music producer you're going to be faced with a variety of business deals and opportunities throughout your career, each one of which needs a contract. The terms of these contracts govern the relationships between you and whoever you're doing business with and there can be serious long term consequences if you don't fully understand what you're signing and agreeing to.

Your manager may have presented you with a management contract but what commission percentage are they proposing? Which income streams are they entitled to earn commission on? Is this calculated on gross or net income? How long will the agreement last? These are just a few of the queries which may arise.

You might have been offered a recording, licensing or distribution deal. Depending on who you are and where you are in your career will determine what the best deal is for you. We can advise you on the differences between the options available and explain the pros and cons of each.

Record labels often present artists with unintelligible contracts which are deliberately worded in confusing and difficult to understand language. We unravel the legal spaghetti, make sense of the complex wording and communicate it to you in clear and simple to understand language. We ensure that agreements are fair and advise you on the practical implications for your career.


We can also attend to negotiating more favourable terms for you. Contractual negotiations often involve a lot of back and forth bargaining but the inclusion or deletion of a few words within a contract can have serious implications so its always advisable to have an expert do this on your behalf.

Are you an artist manager?

It's your job to guide your artist through the complex maze of the music industry and be the first point of contact (sometimes more accurately referred to as the first line of defence!) for any dealings with record labels, publishers, promoters and anyone else that wants to utilise the artists services or exploit his or her talents and copyrights. You will therefore recognise the need for obtaining sound legal advice on the contractual relationships involving your artists career. 

We draft bespoke artist management contracts tailored to your specific relationship with your artist and offer affordable legal advice and negotiation services for all music industry contracts. 

Are you an independent record label or music publisher?

As an independent record label it is important to ensure that your contracts with artists and producers are legally sound. We provide bespoke contract drafting services to ensure that the agreements you use are tailored to your specific requirements.

Not only do properly drafted contracts protect the rights of both the label or publisher and artist, but ensuring that your paperwork is drafted professionally increases your company's reputation and pubic image.

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